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European Commons Assembly: Accelerator for local commons initiatives like ‘Commons Lab Antwerp (Belgium)’

By Koen Wynants, Commons Lab Antwerp. It was in the spring of 2017, that I discovered the world of the commons. I was in Barcelona for a training on ‘urban green space management’ (‘Progress’). The training started with a theoretical framework...
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What Distributed Apps Mean for Data Commons and Collaborative Cities

Digital liberation advocate Emaline Friedman participated in the Data Commons workshop. She wrote about it on her blog, and she allowed us to re-post her essay. On October 25th, the European Commons Assembly, in partnership with the Transeuropa festival,...
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Citizen Participation in Madrid: Reflections about Virtual and Face-to-Face Platforms

By Margarita Rodríguez Ibáñez, Madrid. Spain. Abstract: Since 2015, Madrid City Council has been trying to include the citizen vote in participatory processes, using digital platforms and face-to-face tools. In this paper, we ask ourselves whether...
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The European Commons Assembly in Madrid for a Renewed Political Force in Europe

The crisis of the European Union begs for new, unifying and constructive narratives – alternatives to the right-wing populist and nationalist wave getting fiercer every day. A commons approach holds the potential for a unified vision towards an alternative...
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