The Workshops

The Workshops

Seven thematic workshops focused on the Urban Commons and beyond were held at ECA Madrid. Click on the titles for documentation, images and outcomes

Participatory Tools for Democracy

Civic participation and ways to foster citizens’ involvement in the production of their cities through engagement with public bodies and direct forms of political action.

Law for the Commons

Legal opportunities and tool to protect and develop commoning practices in relation with pre-existing and potential urban commons projects.

Currencies and financing of commons

Alternative currencies and digital tools and platforms at work, and the infrastructures and material environments supporting them for the Commons and Social Solidarity Economies.

Right to the City: Public Space and Urbanism

Public Spaces & Urbanism, Housing, Tourism, Water & Energy and Culture for understanding the Right to the City as a collective and bottom-up and commons-oriented process.

Data commons and the collaborative city

Exploring alternatives that respect data and promote its civic control as well as the emergent collaborative economic models that depend on online platforms.

Solidarity as a commons: Migrants and Refugees

Local citizen-developed initiatives to help migrants and refugees across Europe to meet basic needs and human rights while facilitating their inclusion in cities and neighbourhoods.

Embodied Commons: Food, Health, and Leisure

Health creation, food production and distribution as well as sport and leisure activities as determinants of our physical and mental condition and with a focus on social justice, solidarity and respecting biophysical limits.

ECA Madrid Workshops: a visual narrative

Compiling Josune Urritía’s narrative illustrations, depicting the dialogues, scenes and commoners present at the workshops.

ECA Madrid: The Workshops Video

Five minute video produced by MediaLab Prado featuring interviews, discussions and scenes filmed at the European Commons Assembly Madrid.